NAS Anderson School

The Anderson Foundation's flagship project

The NAS Anderson School’s main aim is to transform lives by preparing students for life, further education and employment and, having built this world-leading school and campus, the Anderson Foundation continues to play an invaluable role in providing ongoing support.

The 3,500m² school, designed in full consultation with the National Autistic Society, was built on the former Tottenham Hotspur FC training ground, an artificial landscape within the Green Belt. The new development sympathetically redefined the site with new contours, alongside the restoration and planting of new trees and hedges around the perimeter.

Mark Anderson, the Founder of the Anderson Foundation explained:

“The central idea was to build the school without calling on the public purse, so the plan had to include the construction and sale of 60 homes on a neighbouring site to off-set the cost of the school.

“We began by engaging a team of planning consultants, master-planners, architects, designers, transport and technical consultants, as well as environmental and ecological experts, to advise on the proposal.

“We also went to great lengths to invite ideas and test reactions with local people. We met with parish, district and county councillors, cabinet members, committees, parents of autistic children and many other local residents. The resulting master-plan creatively captured those influences.

Unique private sector initiative

“The school is intended as an example of best practice and is a unique private sector initiative. We considered its position in the community, its economic sustainability (a whole life cost), and its environmental impact. Its design considers access and wayfinding, interior space and safety with care to suit its distinctive audience. The exterior design and materials choice reduce the visual impact of the school, sinking it into the gentle rise of the land.”

Praise from the National Autistic Society

NAS Chief Executive Mark Lever points out just how vital the school is:

“As a charity, we aim to be transparent about how donors’ money is used to transform the services we offer and the lives of people we support, and the Anderson Foundation has a big direct impact on operations.

“We are immensely grateful for the Foundation’s support, which is unusual because it is generous, financially efficient, and sustained.”

View a virtual tour of the building.

Parents’ Comments

“Thank you school for providing my daughter with a year where she has been able to gather herself together and giving her a good transition into mainstream school, which has gone very well. We’re optimistic for the future. Thanks to NAS Anderson School, she is a different child!”

Parent of a student at NAS Anderson School

“He says ‘I love you mum’. There has been an incredible improvement in his behaviour since he has been at this school. It is unbelievable. He is displaying a lot more empathy than before and is very positive.”

Parent of a student at NAS Anderson School

A comment from one of our pupils

“What is important to me in school is doing my work to a good level. That’s what I look forward to. What I like in school is having fun and being good with my friends.

“I’m really good at using Lego. I’m good at art and being kind to others. I’m also good at singing, stories and plays.

“I find it difficult at school to control my temper. I don’t like noise and sounds interrupting me. School is a place to learn to have fun and have a good education – it’s not a place to fight and behave badly or if people fall out.

“I hope to inspire others. There are a few things that are important to me, I would like to make the world a better place for others. I hope to get a good job. I’d like to be an inventor. I really want to make my dream come true in making the world a better place.”

Pupil at NAS Anderson School