Fundraising Events

The formula for the Anderson Foundation's main fundraising events is a familiar one, but the keys to its success are attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Every event is memorable for all the right reasons.

Two annual events form the backbone of the Foundation’s fundraising, a summer ball, and a Christmas luncheon. Each takes place at a high profile venue in or near London, offering the perfect ambience for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

The Foundation’s insistence on quality entails a large up front investment ‘essentially a marketing overhead’ but that is the way it ensures its events consistently attract the right people.

Mark Anderson’s success in winning corporate supporters is born out of a commercial aim to always give value at his events, explains Alec Gunn, Chief Executive, The Commodity Centre and long time supporter of the Foundation. It means as guests we have no hesitation in inviting our clients as we know they’re really going to appreciate it.

Filling the tables is one thing, but loosening their purses is quite another. Here again the Foundation’s policy of aiming high really pays off. Auction lots are always unique offers, one of a kind items or completely individual experiences not available in any other market. It’s a very commercial, and a very successful way of using influence and a lot of investment in time and money in order to raise spectacular sums on the night, concludes Alec Gunn.

Despite the commercial approach, no one feels like they are being manoeuvred, as Stephen Stone, Chief Executive of Crest Nicholson explains:

“We’ve been involved with the Foundation’s events for more than ten years and very much feel a part of it. You’re not pushed to do anything, you enjoy yourself as well as contributing… Being a friend and a colleague makes being a giver quite natural.”

There is an undeniable ease with which the Foundation is able to access influential and generous corporate donors that can only come from the credibility and the trust it has built up by delivering value. It does that twice, firstly in offering an impressive product (in the form of the events and the auction lots), and secondly in demonstrating how efficiently and effectively it uses the money raised.

For donors used to more tangible assets that value may be found in the experience, but it is nevertheless enriching: “When you contribute to something you know is worthwhile and you feel like you’re rewarded for it, then you know you’re doing the right thing,” says Lloyd Moncur, Director, Institutional Sales and Trading, Gain Capital.

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