About The Foundation

The Sicilian people say, a big man knows the value of a small coin. The Anderson Foundation has learnt to count every coin it is given, beyond its face value.

Every charitable organisation has a responsibility to its donors to see that it gets the best value from the money it receives.

The Anderson Foundation has found a distinctive way of adding value to donations – using its capability and resources in construction to turn cash donations into much needed bricks and mortar facilities.

The main focus of the Foundation’s activities is its relationship with the The National Autistic Society (NAS), to which it offers ongoing support, but not just in funding.

The NAS supports parents and children with autistic spectrum disorders in a variety of ways, not least in providing dedicated schools. Such big ticket projects are difficult to fund for any charity, especially one with the profile of the NAS.

It quickly became clear to Mark Anderson and the Anderson Foundation that it might be more efficient to use the money raised by collaborating on projects – using the Anderson Group’s expertise, resources and buying power in construction to obtain greater value for money than the charity might if it were to procure on the open market.

The Foundation now knows that through projects like The National Autistic Society Anderson School at Luxborough Lane – which received its first intake of students in September 2017 – it can use its position in association to the Anderson Group to help the NAS deliver a massive boost for local special education provision.

Take a look at the Anderson School Chigwell

In addition to the value of buying power, the Anderson Group is using its influence with suppliers to access additional donations based on a percentage of purchasing on contracts. When all these activities are included the total value added is estimated to be £5.50 for every pound raised.

Alongside the financial or economic efficiency of the relationship, being closely integrated to the charity helps Anderson to see how effective its contribution is to the lives of individuals the charity aids. It also shows what can be achieved when both parties understand the value of each other.

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