Foundation Events

London Marathon 2018

On the day of the hottest London Marathon on record, Anderson’s team of runners ran fantastic times and in total raised £45,000 for the Anderson Foundation to further support the National Autistic Society.

Managing Director Andrew Jay, who was one of the runners, said: “Events such as this show the very best of people. The runners have to really dig deep to get through it, the volunteers and emergency services are terrific and the supporters truly are incredible and undoubtedly get you through.”

Many thanks to our team who all completed the Marathon in under five hours: Ryan Schofield 3hr 36, Paul Clow 3hr 36, Tom Pike 3hr 39, Adam Williams 4hr 10, Ross Parmenter 4hr 26, Sarah Clow 4hr 34, Luke Read 4hr 35, Andrew Jay 4hr 44.